Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Pink Roses in Anzures 3 Plaid 1" Throw Pillows by Christopher Johnson | Redbubble

"Pink Roses in Anzures 3 Plaid 1" Throw Pillows by Christopher Johnson | Redbubble:

I now have beautiful plaid and madras inspired designs available in my Redbubble and Society 6 stores. I'll eventually get them over to other sites. I've made a big push this year to add more abstract designs and patterns to my shops since so many people are looking for more neutral products and photo based art is often too bold except for an accent piece. My patterns and abstracts are all based on other images using pieces of the inspiring artwork or using colors from those artworks so everything matches. You could for example buy a duvet cover using a version with stripes, a pillow with a plaid inspired pattern, an abstract version for your rug, and a print of the photo-manipulation for your wall!

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Chevron Patterns

Pink Roses in Anzures 2 Chevron 1 Shower Curtain by Christopher Johnson | Society6:

This last week I've been working on some new pattern designs more for products than prints. Above is a link to one of my Chevron designs as a shower curtain.  It was much more complicated to make a chevron design than I had imagined. I tried to do it with plugins, but I had problems so I had to separate it into several steps. I had to extract and position the colors as stripes, apply the zigzag and then reposition the colored stripes to align correctly. I have two basic versions with and without texture.  I might make a version where the original artwork shows through instead of stripes, but that will probably take a few more days of work to get right.