Painting Lessons - Benefits of the Learn and Master Painting Course

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How much would you pay for private  lessons so you could learn to paint fine art?
Painting Lessons Home Study

Several friends online have commented to me that they don’t understand why I’d want to have a course like Learn and Master Painting with Gayle Levée when I could just use free information online so I decided to write this page to explain how I’ve benefited from taking the Learn and Master Painting course at home and why I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn to paint or to anyone who paints, but never had any training or classes.

Finding and compiling free oil painting resources online can be a waste of time

Yes, there are free resources online, but none of them teach you from start to finish how to paint. On one site you’ll find someone’s comment about one topic or technique, and maybe another tip or comment on another site, but that is just a waste of time and effort. Plus, if your internet connection doesn’t work, do you want to stop learning?

It takes a lot of effort as well to be able to compile all the information and process it since none of them are more than a few page long guides according to what someone wrote off the-top -of-their-head one day. Of course, you don’t really know how much experience that blogger or website owner has so it is hard to interpret what they say.

Private oil painting lessons are too expensive
Oil Painting Home Study Course

With private painting lessons, you have the opposite situation. You might pay a neighbor only $20 an hour to teach you to paint, but perhaps he doesn’t have much experience or doesn’t know the advanced techniques you want to learn. As soon as you get beyond basic painting you’ll need to find an instructor of a high school or university level to teach you. How much do you think you’d pay for lessons at the University that are private. Even group lessons at a university can get quite expensive. I’d imagine you’d pay at least $50 per hour for private lessons with a qualified painting instructor with the knowledge and experience to get you painting quickly and with correct technique.

As with Goldilocks and the three bears, She found what was just right, I discovered that the great oil painting course with Ms. Levée was just what I needed and it may be the right choice for you when you consider your options. Even if you find that you need more help later, you’ll still have an excellent collection of DVD videos to review.

Learn and Master Painting is like having private painting classes in your studio. The course was carefully planned starting with the basics for any beginner and progressing in difficulty and complexity step-by-step to advanced topics. Starting with DVD 1, Gayle introduces the oil painting course and you relax understanding that you are at the beginning of a great creative journey. Her soothing voice tells you how much she loves to paint and how she’ll be there to help you learn. Later she tells you how to get started, what paint colors and brush sizes and brush types you’ll need (if you don’t invest in the course with the supply kit), and how to clean paint brushes and arrange the home studio.
I was so relieved to be told that I wasn’t expected to know how to do any of those things painters take for granted.
  • How do you properly put paint on a brush?
  • How do you stand at the easel?
  • What is the correct way to paint edges or fill an area?
  • How do you hold a paint brush?
  • How do you get oil paint off a paint brush?
  • How do you get different consistencies of oil paint?
  • How do I paint believable objects without them looking like  crayon drawings?

I felt were really dumb questions and I always felt a little bad to be asking my friends all that.

She answered all those questions in the first few videos with lots of practice exercises. She didn’t make me feel dumb. In fact, I felt very empowered! I will learn to paint and  at my own rate with the painting course.

Go through each lessons at your own rate

A huge benefit of the Learn and Master Painting Courses is that you can learn at your own pace. If you get sick or have an emergency, you don’t have to call to cancel or worry about what you’ll miss in the group class and fall behind. Since each lesson builds upon what was taught previously you can watch the lesson and practice with Gayle when you feel better the next day or when you get back from tending to that family or work emergency. Got stuck in traffic coming home from work? No problem, the course is waiting for you when you get home. Perhaps you work full time and take care of the family. In that case you might only have time to practice on Sunday after church. How many private instructors will want to go to your home to teach you then?

Repeat and practice a lesson whenever you'd like to review

Learn and Master Painting

I’m not as fast a learner as when I was a kid, sometimes I need to let something sink in, but other times I just don’t get it. Other not-so-fast-learners can appreciate how I can (and I have) put a previous DVD lesson in and watch it again. How many times do you need to watch and practice a task before you understand and it “sticks”?

Paint as you are in the comfort of your home (studio)

No one will be judging your appearing or making funny looks at you if you don’t do your hair or if you are wearing sweatpants while you paint. Get comfortable. Put on those comfy gym pants and enjoy painting!

High quality painting lessons you can afford

Even at $249, the regular price, you are paying a small fraction of what you would pay a university professor for painting classes.They even have an installment plan available. That’s awesome!


I think I’ve mentioned before in posts, that it comes with a cool quality binder, a color lesson book, 20 DVD full of progressive lessons, and as a bonus it comes with 3 music CDs to paint with. (good to not have to listen to the neighbor’s dog barking :-)

I hope this helped you understand why I went with this course and why I’m so happy learning with it.

Ready to  take oil painting lessons with Gaylee?  You can learn more about the course features.  Don't forget to let me know you've started! Lets share our progress!

Want to learn more before visiting their website?  Check out these painting video clips taken from the Learn and Master Painting Course's DVDs.

It could easily be sold for twice as much money and they have already risen the price once.