Learn and Master Painting Lesson Video Clips

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Curious about the home painting lessons I've been taking? Check out these video clip previews of the course and then visit the Learn and Master Painting website for more information about the course.  The course contains 20 DVDs full of videos several lessons take up an entire DVD each so they are complete full of painting exercises you can do along with the teacher.  If you haven't already, read about the benefits of learning to paint from my perspective with this comprehensive oil painting course.

The palette close up - Learn and Master Painting Preview

Gayle shows how to mix colors to get different shades of light and dark colors.

Close up of a still life - Learn and Master Painting Preview

In this Learn and Master Painting video clip, Gayle shows with the apple painting how to SEE objects and add shadow and highlight in the underpainting near the beginning of a series of lessons on how to paint like the old masters did (It is quite an involved process, but the results are amazing!)

In the course, Gayle teaches skills needed to paint in different styles as well as develop your own style once you finish.

Perspective lesson - Learn and Master Painting Preview

Gayle demonstrates how to make objects look smaller in the distance using different brush technique in one of the first paintings you create with the course. She also shows techniques you can use to get proper angled strokes using the whole body which you practice earlier in the lesson.

Finished artworks lesson - Learn and Master Painting Preview

In this painting clip, Gayle is showing how she's adding a final correction to an oil painting in the Learn and Master Painting course. It is easy to make corrections to an oil painting following her tips.

Viewing an oil painting upside down helps find mistakes!

Chroma and Value Color with Graphics - Learn and Master Painting Preview

In Learn and Master Painting, we learn more than brush strokes. She also teaches how to see objects, and advanced concepts like color theory. She is able to make complex concepts simple using graphics and examples on her easel and chalkboard.

In this video she's explaining how the oil painting colors used are on a scale from light to dark (comparing chroma and value of each) which is important to know when painting.

Learn and Master Painting Course Overview