Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pilar 1 Simple Portrait

While you probably know me for my floral artistic photo artwork, I also experiment with other types of art. This morning I had the opportunity to take Pilar's photo to make her portrait. By 1pm I was about to finish this "simple portrait". It is simple because It doesn't have any special effects or filters, just your basic touch-ups and adjustments.

Pilar 1 Simple Portrait

Pilar 1 Simple Portrait
I hope to have a version with effects available later today.

Pilar lives nearby, and she sells tacos de canasta and tacos de guisado with her daughter from Monday to Friday and often Saturday, so if you see my Twitter and Facebook messages about the great tacos for breakfast, now you know who prepared them!  (The next person who comments about Taco Bell will be unfollowed! That was very insulting.)

A pleasant side effect to having me do your portrait is that you will look many years younger since I try to minimize sun damage, wrinkles, large pores (my personal problem!), and scars.

Here is the "before" photo.

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