Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strawberry 1

Strawberries are probably the most pleasing fruit that is easy to eat.  The other sweet fruit either have a hard outside to cut away like the pineapple, or they have large seeds in the middle like the peach or cherry.  My favorite strawberries are those fresh from a garden, but I don't mind buying them in the market or tianguis and sorting through those which are too green or too ripe to find those that are soft and sweet leaving juice running down to my wrist.

This first strawberry artworks was from a few quick photos I took of a strawberry before I ate what remained of  half a kilo of strawberries I had bought at the tiangus on Tuesday.  After washing and sorting them, I had a large bowl which I had with a glass of white wine yesterday (Wednesday) so you see food I love disappears fast! :-)
Strawberry 1 by Christopher Johnson
Strawberry 1 by Christopher Johnson

I tried in this artwork to show the pleasure and sensation I had when enjoying those strawberries including that particular strawberry I photographed.  The intense red contrasting with the shiny textured white of the background. The green leaves with highlights were also tempting.   Does it make you want to see the large preview?

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  1. That's actually a pretty cool looking strawberry. I'm surprised you were able to find one with so much bright green stem. Nice! It does look edible by the way. I like what you did with the image. Now if only they could make scratch-n-sniff monitors. lol