Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Painting - Purple Tulip Bookmark

You know that until now I've only posted photography, photo-art, and other digital abstract artwork including one drawn with a tablet, but I've decided to learn how to paint. Painting is as valid a form of art as my photography, drawing and other visual art. It uses very different skills.   I'm going to include in posts my attempts at painting and I hope you'll see progress as I add new works or studies in different topics.  If I do a study from a book or course, I'll mention it otherwise you can assume that I was just experimenting.
Feel free to login and comment on them and give me ideas. Remember that I'm new to painting not art so I am not familiar with painting terms and techniques or steps.

I bought my sample paints both oil and acrylic earlier this week and this morning I bought three sheets of a kind of press-board wood at the lumber store in Tultitl├ín so now I have wood to paint on in four sizes starting with 6x8.  I also asked for the scraps. This work was in a scrap piece which I used for a bookmark for my neighbor who likes to read.

This is supposed to look like a purple tulip drawn in acrylic using purple, green, yellow, white, and black. I used the white and black to make lighter and darker shades and the yellow to make the green different shades.

I found the experience to be interesting. I was frustrated with the paint drying in about 3 minutes yet there were moments I wanted to add a new layer and misguessed the time. I  really need to watch the time while I work.

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  1. Hi Christopher

    Good for a start, well done.
    Some thoughts for you

    First of all, how did you prepare the wood? It would need to have been sealed with something and as I dont know this wood I cant be sure. It definitely would need some sort of primer/sealer. This may be why your paint was drying so quickly as three minutes sounds very fast. The paint will soak straight into the wood if its not sealed.

    Tulips here are more U shaped than round, and perhaps using the purple in with your green would give a nicer dark than black. Some people use black to darken (most dont) but other things make nicer darks. For instance Ultramarine Blue added to the green will make nice darks.

    Highlights - I love the little bit below the flower head where you have added some yellow. Sometimes this is sufficient for adding highlights. Too much white can turn your green milky.
    The leaf..try and make it a separate thing (but joined on) by using shadows and highlights.

    Hope this helps somewhat. Feel free to ask any questions anytime. Happy to help where I can.