Friday, January 1, 2010

Mushrooms Painting

The mushrooms painting done in acrylic is one of my favorite paintings. It took several hours to do just like it would have taken me if it were a photo manipulation.

Mushrooms Painting by Christopher Johnson
Mushrooms Painting by Christopher Johnson

I was trying to make a realistic painting with very recognizable mushrooms however I didn't want it to be as complicated as real life would make it so I simplified the background and I only painted a few mushrooms. I gave them brown-tan-white tops and white stems. The ground was simplified to a dark brown instead of the normal leaf and twig littler you'd probably expect to find in that setting.

The trees in the background are simplified down to brown lines for branches and short wide strokes for leaves. If you are interested in learning to paint, check out the Learn and Master Painting Course. I use it at home.
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