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Shari Nees Visual Artist Profile

Artist Profile - Shari Nees

Where do you live?
NW Oregon, USA

What is art?
A picture into a person's soul.

How did you learn to create your art?
From the time I could hold a pencil, I was creating Art.
One of those children that drew their answers at school, instead of write.
In High school I came under the tutelage of Ms Fashion, who was a Master Artist in her own right. She was my Mentor for over 2 years in all things Art.
My paintings were entered in many Art shows as a teen, placing many first’s and second’s.
My Art education continued with studying the Masters way of painting, going to Fine Art Museums and so on.
Mediums I am Currently working with are, Pen & Ink with a Watercolor Pencil Wash,watercolor,water based Oils, Graphite, Digital Abstract and Photography.
I also offer Handspun yarn.

How do you describe your artistic style(s)?

I love all kinds of styles of Art and I love painting or creating a variety of subjects from traditional painting to Digital Art.
I follow where my heart takes me.

What media and tools do you normally use to create art?
It depends on what I am painting or creating at any one time.
From Pen & Ink, with a watercolor pencil wash on hot press bright white watercolor paper, to the snap of a digital camera lense, to creation of abstract Art via the computer. I use what is available to me.

What method do you follow to create your art?
I do not follow any one method.

Where do you create art?
Depends on what I am working on.
Paintings are done on my desk looking out a window with a view of my Farm.
Digital work is done on my laptop and photography, is where ever I happen to be at that moment in time.

What inspires you to create art?
Anything and everything.

How do you feel when you create art?
Like everything is right in the World.

How long does it take you (on average) to create an artwork?
Depends,, a very detailed traditional painting can take up to 6 months. Digital Art between 1 and 2 weeks. Photography, the time it takes me to go home and down load the photos to the computer.

What are your favorite subjects for creating art?
Animals (horses, cats and birds), Aircraft, motorcycles and Abstracts at the moment.
For photography, I love capturing landscapes and woodlands.

What are your favorite artworks?
I have a number of my creations I like.
Love my Grandmothers paintings, they are very special to me.
There are many, many other Artists I admire and to many to list here.

What suggestions do you have for new artists?
You create your best work doing what you love.

Who influences your art the most?
Only my mind.

What is the first thing you think when you look at your art work from 1-3 years ago and how has your work changed since you started creating?
More detail and I now like Abstracts.

Do you live off of your art income?

If you've sold art to people other than family and close friends, what marketing did you carry out to obtain those sales?
  • Web site
  • Blog
  • Online Stores
  • Advertising in my target market areas.
  • Free Advertising
  • Facebook
  • Word of mouth

What do you do when you aren't creating or marketing your art?
I live on a Farm, take care of that, my horses, chickens, ducks and so on.
Taking care of my family.
Work in the kitchen garden during spring/summer/Fall.
I have to make most of the food myself if I want to eat, so I cook a lot.
Riding or Driving my horses.
And Hand-spinning yarn.

Do you have any regrets as an artist?

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