Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yellow-Footed Tortoise 1 ArtworkArte de una Tortuga de Patas Amarillas

This is my second artwork from my Zoo visit on Thursday afternoon. I completed it late last night so some of you saw it first on my Facebook Fan Page. If you haven't already don't forget to be my friend and fan on Facebook to get all the latest news and comments regarding my visual art and artistic photos.

I was very happy to take the photo of this beautiful yellow-footed tortoise. It practically posed for me and observed me taking photos of it. If it weren't so majestic a creature, I'd find it creepy that it posed better than many humans!

Yellow-Footed Tortoise 1

Yellow-footed Tortoise 1

Here is the original photo for comparison so you can guess what I did in post-processing.

Esta es la segunda obra de arte de mi visita al zoológico el jueves. Espero que les guste la tortuga de patas amarillas.

Estuve muy feliz sacar la foto de esta tortuga. Fue un modelo excelente hasta que me observó con interés.

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