Saturday, October 10, 2009

Old Crypt in Green and Gold

There was a post in WetCanvas, an art forum, where someone shared their photo of a crypt (yes, just that) and asked for others to make their own version and we could do what we want with it so I added it to one of my favorite, but reworked backgrounds and I found another photo with steps and started playing with the image so it went from a crypt in a cemetery on a sunny day to an ancient crypt in the woods with light filtering down through the trees.  The only thing I'd still like to add is a ghost or perhaps a vampire.  I'd have to admit that my version went to an extreme.

The most difficult part was deciding on how much light to include and where. Just moving the lighting a little completely changes the focus and mood. I loved the light in the distance in the original background, but I had to lighten the tomb especially the door to make it show up yet not enough to make it cheerful.   I finally felt satisfied when I make the background trees in the middle appear a little closer and I brought the light almost to the ground which at least to me justified the extra light on the door.

Old Crypt

Old Crypt by Christopher Johnson

Old Crypt in Autumn

Old Crypt in Autumn by Christopher Johnson


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