Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are you getting enough sleep?

Yellow Rose 2 Intense

Yellow Rose 2 Intense

by Christopher Johnson

Sleepy? While it seems like we try to make up for the lack of rest by consuming caffeine, sugar, and vitamins like B-12, I've noticed that nothing is as important as a good night's sleep on a regular basis.

My roommate has this idea that because I work at home most days of the week that I'm living in a magic land of light and wonder where my websites update themselves, web hosting issues get resolved, social networking sites get updated, e-mail messages get read and furthermore amazing art gets created, uploaded, described, and tagged!

I only wish he were right.  Last night was one like many where we went to sleep late because he was playing a Playstation 3 game he just bought.  He was complaining about the heat, flies buzzing (that I couldn't hear) and probably one or two other ailments off and on. I told him to be quiet because I couldn't seep because of him.

Because I live in a magic wonderland of work-at-home where work does itself  (according to him anyway), he didn't care, but now I am restless unable to concentrate. I know if I try to create art, it will take me twice as long to finish a new work and it won't be as good as it would have been had I been allowed to sleep. I know that if I try to update one of my website's code I'll most likely forget certain details.

If your roommate, spouse, relative, or significant other works at home please let them sleep because it is entirely possible that they have run out of magical fairy dust and Mary Poppins isn't around to turn it into a game.

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