Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What art and content would you like to see?Que les gustaria ver?

I have been experimenting with quite a few different types of art and subjects for the last few months and I've learned several new techniques so I think it is finally time to ask a simple question.

What would you like to see for my art and on this website?

Feathery 1

I  don't do one style and subject that can be done over and over, It just isn't in my personality to do anything remotely cookie-cutter.  I get way too bored doing just one thing! I understand that that makes it easy for art galleries and collectors, but I have to wonder why that is so preferred?

If  I were a collector and I had one work from an artist and I saw that all the other artist's work was exactly the same identifiable style with the same basic subjects, I probably wouldn't want to get another unless I thought that his or her art style and subject was the most amazing art ever.

The feedback I get to this post will be used in those moments when I am not sure what I want to work on. I will look at the suggestions and pick one to try.
Spider Monkey in Motion 1

I've experimented with some travel photography, nature photography,  street photography, floral (flowers and plants) art like  roses,  abstract art, kaleidoscopes, and geometric art, fantasy art,  fractal art, fractal flame art, digital mosaic, antiqued sepia art,wild animals,the sky, weather (clouds and rain),  drawings, and portraits.

My journey of experimentation is far from over, so expect to see a variety of new subjects and styles and perhaps even new media in the next few years! I do hope to be able to get a better camera as well as some traditional art supplies as soon as my budget allows (perhaps 2011?). I'd love to try oil painting and pastels.  Marker art would be fun too.

Art Gifts

Currently I'm using Zazzle for art gifts like bags, USA postage stamps, greeting cards, mouse pads, buttons, stickers, aprons, magnets, etc.  I'll including links to my different stores in the sidebar.


Gerardo 3

I've done several digital portraits and I think they'd make great framed gifts for holidays  and birthdays for relatives and loved ones. I start with photos and manipulate them for several hours to get the results you see in my portrait gallery. Normally people look cleaner and younger, I can give them abstract realism looks, an antiqued photo look, or a more painterly effect. The final result depends mostly on the lighting and composition of the original photo.

If you'd like to see more portraits, please consider emailing me some high resolution photos of you or the person you'd like to see a portrait of  (get their permission first!).  If you live in Mexico City or plan on visiting Mexico City, let me know how you'll be arriving and I'll give you directions for visiting and I'll take your photo here in my studio.   I don't look for youth nor beauty (although I won't hold that against you if you are young and beautiful or handsome!).   I touch up blemishes like scars, large pores, sun damage, and I minimize wrinkles too!

I'm willing to try  pet portraits, but since I don't have any pets, I don't have any examples to display.

Gallery and Artists Pages

Pink Carnations 1

I was recently asked to make an artists statement for use on another website featuring some of my artwork.  I think it is time I shared it with my readers.

My Artist Statement

Fantasy Fairy in the Woods 1 Antiqued

"I've always loved the arts including the visual arts since I was little. I remember how I loved working with construction paper, watercolors, and drawing with pencil, crayon, or markers in school.
It wasn't until rather recently with the availability of affordable decent digital cameras that I started to take a more serious interest in creating and sharing art with others.
I'd describe the main body of my artwork to be artistic photography. Most of my other work is abstract with the focus on geometric shapes and repeating patterns often taken from nature.
For my artistic photography, I take photographs in the street or in my studio and transform them according to what I see and how each one makes me feel. These enhancements go from the subtle to the extreme. The subjects of my photographic art include florals - especially close-ups of roses and other tropical flowers, destinations, portraits, and even some animal art.
Gerardo en una plaza comercial

While some works have a painterly look, the majority have accentuated lines and curves and many have deeper shadows and warm glows. Another common trend in my work is the manipulation of degrees of light and tone in angled groups or sections especially in the background of a piece. I trend toward using gray, pink, dark red,dusky blues and any shade of green I can find. Each work is carried out, without hurry, normally taking 1-4 hours of loving effort.

I'm inspired by nature and thoughts of hope and peace. A look, a smile, history, a ray of light against a petal, all these - and more - inspire me to create.

I have been experimenting with quite a few different types of art and subjects for the last few months and I've learned several new techniques so I think it is finally time to ask a simple question.

What would you like to see for my art and on this website?

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