Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Queen Anne's Lace 1 & 2

Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot is a wildflower with clusters of very small white flowers. I was sent several unedited photos by a friend and artist to experiment with and use in art. Here are the first two works.

Queen Anne's Lace 1

Queen Anne's Lace 1 has enhanced color and saturation to make the flower 'pop' simple yet effective with that extra saturation and other adjustments.

Queen Annes Lace 1

Queen Anne's Lace 2

This Queen Anne's Lace floral artwork had to be simplified because it just had too much detail, so I gave the entire background a painterly effect which gave it an impressionistic feel which one friend compared to Monet who made many wonderful garden paintings. I didn't give the flowers the same painting look so they stand out with most of their detail.

Queen Anne's Lace 2

It was a pleasure to work with the reference photos. If you have some high-resolution photos that you'd like to have me include in my artwork, let me know in Twitter or Facebook.  Don't forget I'm also available for artistic digital portraits.

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